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Technical support is available from Jim Hubbard on a variety of voice mail and telephone systems.

Support charges are calculated on a per-incident basis because troubleshooting often requires multiple calls for the same problem.  Payment must be arranged in advanced.

Telephone Support Pricing

The minimum charge is $65 per incident, up to one hour, with an additional $15 per additional quarter hour. 

Examples for the same incident:

3 calls at 30 minutes each for the same incident would be $95.
1 call for 5 minutes would be $65.
1 call for 55 minutes would be $65.
4 calls at 15 minutes each for the same incident would be $65.



Jim Hubbard has over 30 years in the telecommunications industry.  He holds an active unrestricted Georgia Telecommunications contractor license and is certified on a large number of telephone systems.

34 years of telecommunications experience.
Over 6 years as director of technical support for the VoiceTrak voice mail system.


Certifications (selected)

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Contact Jim Hubbard toll-free:

877 - JIM - MAIL
(877 - 546 - 6245)