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Consumer Pricing

The Works - Complete 4-port system.  Includes PC, 2-24 port software license, 4-port Voice board.  Computer specs are:  Pentium II, 500 Mhz,128 MB RAM, 10GB HDD, Color VGA monitor, keyboard, mouse, network card, Windows 2000 Professional..   4,495
Plus shipping*
Software & Voice Board - 2-24 port Software and 4-port Rhetorex 432 board
Install WavMail on your PC and earn more profit.
Plus shipping
Software Only
You supply the PC and Rhetorex board (32 bit driver)
Plus shipping
Voice Board Only
Rhetorex 432 expansion board - add 4 more ports.
Plus shipping

WavMail™ is a completely new type of voice messaging system. The voice mail messages are stored as WAV files and can be played through both a telephone and multimedia PC.

Runs on Windows 2000 prof and standard PC equipment.
Use with or without a network.
Play voice mail messages over a telephone like 'old style' voice mail.
Play voice mail messages through your multimedia PC and browser.
Play messages and maintain your system over your Intranet or the Internet.
Unified messaging:  Access your e-mail and voice mail from the same screen using any browser.
Flexible and easy:  just point and click.  Help screens for every option.
On-line manual or print from CD.
Message undelete, call announce, DTMF tables - it's all here.
Create custom IVR applications with the optional WavMail script editor.
View or print system activity reports from anywhere.
Get My Homework version available for schools. Get homework assignment messages by telephone, LAN, Internet, or by E-mail attachment.

           * Full system price subject to change based on hardware costs.

Try the on-line system demo to see WavMail in action!

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877 - JIM - MAIL
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