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Jim Hubbard began installing the VoiceTrak on the Panasonic DBS telephone system in 1994, and has become an expert in application engineering for the VoiceTrak product.

The VoiceTrak is a Full featured, DOS based voice mail / auto attendant system with detailed setup notes for over 50 PBX's. The flexibility of the system, when used with a full featured telephone system, is unmatched in the industry.

When used with the Panasonic DBS or Samsung DCS (or other full featured systems) the VoiceTrak can service multiple companies or departments with separate greetings and single digit menus. VoiceTrak is easily programmed for 2, 3, 4 or more digit operation, from a small hybrid key system, to full Centrex with a RS-232 Data link to the central office.



Works with almost any telephone system.
Easy to install:  Full programming notes available for most telephone systems.
Remote Programming saves on technician travel time.
Application engineering by Jim lets you design the system to work for you instead of changing your procedures to work for your system.
Let Jim help you design your system to be "user friendly." Don't let customers get lost in the system, or spend too long finding what they need. 

Technicians can easily learn the VoiceTrak and WavMail systems because many of the same menus and features are available on both systems. Upgrading from VoiceTrak to WavMail requires little user training because they both use the same menus.

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